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Time to Strip the Titles from Baseball’s Cheaters

You have to admire the “take no prisoners” approach of MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred in handing out penalties in the great sign-stealing scandal. At this point two well-liked and well-regarded managers have been forced to resign and have rightly had their legacies tarnished forever. Presumably Carlos Beltran may soon be on the chopping block as well. However…

Is it really enough? Arguably the Astros cheated their way past the Yankees to the 2017 World Series in that year’s ALCS, winning all four games at home, where the nefarious behavior occurred. Then they cheated their way past the Dodgers to win the World Series.

So…why not do what the NCAA does in the case of serious recruiting or other serious rules violations? Strip the teams of their titles. Declare the Dodgers the 2017 World Champions and the Yankees the American League Champions. And, once the investigation of the 2018 Red Sox is complete, strip the Sox of their championship and award that to the Dodgers as well. (And no I am not a Dodger fan; far from it).

Then, fifty years from now, the sign-stealing scandals would be remembered as they should be: like the 1919 Black Sox scandal almost exactly a century earlier.

That strikes me as just desserts for the utter disregard for the integrity and image of the game shown by those involved – all multimillionaires for whom, as Lombardi once said, winning wasn’t everything; it was the only thing.

Let’s let the nice guys finish first for a change.

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